Thing-a-Day 05: “ETP To-Go” Task Sticker Mockup

ETP Sticker Design

This is the second request (after yesterday’s ETP Reporter) for an ETP design: stickers! The idea is to provide some means of adding an ETP element to an existing notebook or journal. This is one part of the design, the TASK LIST with tracking. I imagine I’ll have to make a Day Grid one also…I’ll save that for some other day.

Mockup and trial downloads follow.

The Design

ETP Sticker

I went to look at the options for custom sticker printing at, and thought the 4×3 inch format on plain paper might work. The cost is not cheap, however, at the print-on-demand rates…all told, it’s around 25 cents per sticker, so I’m not sure if these will be cost-effective to produce and sell at a reasonable price point. I may order 500 of them anyway.

The design itself is based on the ETP Reporter layout, which happens to be 4×8 inches. I maximized the width of the task area and expanded the size of the task bubbles a bit. There are a few tweaks that are needed, but the design is good enough to evaluate. I found that using a 1mm pen was too clumsy; I suggest that all the mini ETP products be used with a 0.5mm or finer pen.


You can download the PDF mockup here:


The mockup size is 6 stickers, laid-out on US Letter 8.5×11.


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