Thing-a-Day 05: “ETP To-Go” Task Sticker Mockup

Thing-a-Day 05: “ETP To-Go” Task Sticker Mockup

ETP Sticker Design

This is the second request (after yesterday’s ETP Reporter) for an ETP design: stickers! The idea is to provide some means of adding an ETP element to an existing notebook or journal. This is one part of the design, the TASK LIST with tracking. I imagine I’ll have to make a Day Grid one also…I’ll save that for some other day.

Mockup and trial downloads follow.

The Design

ETP Sticker

I went to look at the options for custom sticker printing at, and thought the 4×3 inch format on plain paper might work. The cost is not cheap, however, at the print-on-demand rates…all told, it’s around 25 cents per sticker, so I’m not sure if these will be cost-effective to produce and sell at a reasonable price point. I may order 500 of them anyway.

The design itself is based on the ETP Reporter layout, which happens to be 4×8 inches. I maximized the width of the task area and expanded the size of the task bubbles a bit. There are a few tweaks that are needed, but the design is good enough to evaluate. I found that using a 1mm pen was too clumsy; I suggest that all the mini ETP products be used with a 0.5mm or finer pen.


You can download the PDF mockup here:


The mockup size is 6 stickers, laid-out on US Letter 8.5×11.


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  1. Lynn O'Connor 9 years ago

    I already have your smallish size sticker pads that’s almost 6×4 –and I use it in my paper planner (the brand) so this idea to have an even smaller one might also work –although the 6×4 works fine and I’m about to purchase more of them.

  2. DaveG 9 years ago

    Great idea! I would buy them iff ….

    I use a Leuctturm1917 A5 notebooks exclusively for my now for my daily work journal. The top third is for a ‘clock’ which I divide into 4 with lines and circles for the mid-hours. I write the hours of work here with apppointments and also recording what I do then. Under that I track the to-dod which is where the sticker would come in.

    So the size for me would need to be about 4″7/8 across (max) and 2 1/2″ to 3″ tall, leavig some space for free-form A7?

    I will see if I can scale this PDF to fit on the labels I have somewhere in the cipboard ;-)

  3. Author
    Dave Seah 9 years ago

    Lynn: Thanks for the feedback, Lynn! Do you find you that you use most of the space on the 4×6 sticker?

    DaveG: Interesting…a full-width sticker for A5 is a cool idea! I can assume A5 width – 0.5inch for the margins. Part of the challenge is to find a place that already has stickers available in that size, because I don’t think I can afford custom die-cutting for each sticker variant.

  4. LynnOC 9 years ago

    I often end up just scribbling here and there on it, it gives me that extra room and it’s for one day –I dont keep them for reference, I use a moleskein notebook for “notes” about who I see, (students, clients, research meetings etc etc, phone calls and on), and the paper planner for hard edged appointments (I use google cal mainly, and then at the beginning of the week move stuff to paper, I too, like so many of us, find I need to use paper as well as omnifocus (and I’m thinking of fooling around with GQueues again) and the paper planner. I’m trying out your ‘reporter” notebook ETP with the paper planner this week, it fits perfectly on the ruler thing that marks the week I’m on. It has so much more room than the 4×6 sticker pad, I’ll let you know what happens with it. This means I’m transferring appointments etc to the paper planner for the week, and then for the day I’ll see if I really use the reporter notebook form. It’s a perfect fit anyway.