Thing-a-Day 01: Numbers version of Compact Calendar

Thing-a-Day 01: Numbers version of Compact Calendar

Numbers Compact Calendar

Today’s Commentary

I got started on my product for the day rather late, but this was due to starting a couple of positive things in the morning! First, I assembled a new storage shelf for the basement, which doubles my shoebox filing capacity. Then I started doing a big sort of the junk that clutters my upstairs office. The goal: come up with the minimum set of everyday goodies that I need, and then file the rest of it by collection. The bigger goal is to clear out the living room completely so I can finally redo the floors for the Living Room Cafe Project. It feels good to get these things unstuck!

Today’s Product

Anyway, today’s project was the conversion of the Compact Calendar from Microsoft Excel to Numbers, Apple’s spreadsheet program.

  • Download Numbers Version of Compact Calendar 2014 The formulas in Excel don’t match one-for-one, so I got as far as getting the basic layout working with autoformatting and automatic recalculation. I had to take a different approach to get it to work, and I don’t have hobbies or month delineation working yet, but it’s usable!

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  1. Eric Blanchette 9 years ago

    Inspired by your design I duplicated it in JavaScript.

    Keep up with the great designs and posts,