Producing vs Consuming: Form Draft 02

Yesterday I wrote about tracking time spent producing versus consuming, and found that my first-pass form wasn’t so easy to use. Primarily, I found filling in the bubbles tedious, and I wanted a little more space to take notes. My schedule is also really wacky, so I need to track all 24 hours. I also found it remarkably difficult to draw a good smiley face.

Draft 02

Producing versus Consuming Tracking Form, Take 2 Today’s draft, as part of the MONTH OF PRODUCING EVERY DAY, is a refinement of yesterday’s form to meet all the above. I just copied the data form yesterday into it by hand, and am still finding it a little cumbersome. I find that I want to keep pretty detailed notes as to WHAT I was doing, and there just isn’t enough space. This form is perhaps a good design for a summary report, but I’m finding it difficult to use for daily tracking. I am going to just track the time spent MAKING, primarily, without details, until I figure out where this is going.

If you want to give it a shot:

To recap: this form is designed to help me figure out how much time I spend producing versus consuming. My theory is that if I’m not producing, I’m not going to be happy in the long run because I am not moving forward. I’m curious to see how much time I actually spend consuming other people’s creative work versus doing my own original stuff, and how I feel about it on a given day. It’s not intended for detailed time tracking.