Previsualizing Wall and Floor Combinations

Previsualizing Wall and Floor Combinations

To get started on my Living Room Cafe, I dropped by a furniture store to get a sense of some floor/wall color combinations. I also started a Pinterest board to collect inspirational design.

To get my head around the colors, I made some thumbnails swatches. While I had originally thought I wanted a light-colored floor based on people’s feedback, I’m finding the darker floor with light-colored walls to be more dramatic. The light-on-light Scandinavian look seems to rely on everything in the room being white, with some bold colored accents. I’m not sure I want that. I want something a little darker and intimate. I also am not sure if the sun-bathed Scandinavian interior looks good at night when lit with artificial light.

Next step will be to use a 3D program and try to visualize both daytime and night-time with to-scale objects.

Thumbnail Color Combinations


  1. Heather 10 years ago

    If you are going for drama, I really like the top left swatch set. Lovely selection. :)

  2. Author
    Dave Seah 10 years ago

    I do like it too! The light light tint and the deep brown ocean of richness. I wonder, though, what I have to do for table top colors! I really need to pre-vis this in 3D.