Compact Calendar 2014 Update Available

Compact Calendar for 2014 The 2014 Compact Calendar is now available. I thought I had updated earlier, but apparently that was only in my dreams.

For those of you new to the Compact Calendar, it’s a single-page calendar that you print out and use for planning. The days of the year are presented as a solid block of days, so it’s easy to count-off weeks when you are figuring out scheduling. There’s plenty of space on the right-hand side too, so you can keep notes. I first made this calendar back in the 90s so I could block-out projects during meetings, but since then I’ve heard that people use it for family vacation planning and even biological purposes (counting weeks of gestation, for example). There are even a few international versions available from generous bloggers around the world. Thank you for your time!

» Go to the Compact Calendar Page to download!