My Operating Framework, Draft 1

"Dave Seah Production Process" Most of my productivity forms are based on how I understand the production process. It occurred to me that I should write it down to use as a map.

Click to download the PDF.

Here’s the complete production framework map. Click on it to download the PDF.

Big Version The map is not very detailed, and the process itself is not particularly original; just about every productivity/achieve your dreams approach incorporates a variation of the definition-goal setting-followup methodology. I’m making this because I think I might be able to turn it into an orientation guide for the various forms and supporting blog posts here on So, I figured I might as make one that I liked.

This is the first pass; turning it into a flexible reference document in HTML is a possible next step, so I can link every tool and related insight to a specific place in the process of being creative. I think that could be pretty cool, and serve as an introduction to my work in this area.