C2-01: Communications 101 Marketing Kickoff

C2-01: Communications 101 Marketing Kickoff

Day 1 of the Marketing Challenge began with 15 minutes of writing; if you’re curious, I’ve put the raw text online. Summary thoughts follow:

First I defined what it was: making my website easier to use for particular audiences, which I described as:

  • People who are looking for solutions. They arrive through Google.
  • People who are subscribed, because they like to see what new tools I have.
  • People who are subscribed, because they like to see HOW I’m building tools.
  • People who are subscribed, because they like to READ about what I’m THINKING about.

There are also the following personal requirements that I think should be reflected in the website.

  • I am standing for a set of values: the “Dave Seah Way” and “Creative Independence”
  • I have a mission statement: I want to succeed by becoming as excellent as I can be, producing original works and seeding the world with them to see what comes back. To create, and connect, at the highest level I can.
  • I want to extend optimism and enthusiasm to as many people as I can, because I want to be around people like that. Be a beacon!
  • I want to celebrate creative independence as I find examples of it.

Then there’s the sundry necessities:

  • I need to sell my digital and physical goods and make some money to sustain what I’m doing.

That’s as far as I got in the writing. More definition will follow tomorrow!

About this Article Series

This series is about improving my website, thinking about it for 15 minutes a day first-thing in the morning. You can see the raw 15-minute text here. These posts are collected on The March 2013 Challenge Page.