Day 16: Dave as Product

Day 16: Dave as Product

Imaginary Book Today’s product of the day is a mockup of a book cover: “Developing Creative Independence”. While it’s not yet an actual book, by creating the cover I’ve established an umbrella concept for my various activities. For fun, I’ve made the cover available as a PDF. Each one is uniquely stamped with your purchasing email address, making them into unique digital certificates that I will accept as proof of your early-stage support and awesomeness as a human being.


Explain yourself, Seah!

This wasn’t the product I was planning on making today, but I think it’s pretty significant because it gives me a concept I can use to reach a specific audience: creative people who seek greater freedom and autonomy. This is what I am doing for myself, and I am quite obsessed by it. It’s been on my mind since writing the four-part article series A Quiet Reflection on Failure, and I have been silently rewriting my about page every week to try to get a better grip on what it really means to me.

Today, I got sidetracked into tagging my LinkedIn contacts into the right categories, which got me thinking about how people connect with each other. Later, I was doing a quick scan through the book Your Attention Please, which got me thinking about how my website should be more respectful of people’s time by presenting a clear focus. The DEVELOPING CREATIVE INDEPENDENCE phrase popped into my head around 9PM, and I think it is a natural framework for everything I’ve been writing on for years. Booyah!

Book Concept Early Support

Please note: this is not a book. It’s a single-page PDF for a book IDEA. However, your dollar does give you the right (as far as I’m concerned) to lecture me on what you’d like to see in a book from me. You’ll also get a free copy of it someday, just because you spent a dollar on me as a vote of confidence for the future. You can pay more than a dollar, if you’d like, as a kind of nudging donation.

I created an InDesign template with the cover design as a way of starting the project, and have printed it out to remind me that this is going to be a book project.This is a scary prospect, defining the entirety of my public existence with a mere three words, but I think it will be good for me because now I have a simple test for picking what projects I should work on: Is it about developing the creative independence of myself or others? YES? Then GO for it!

PHOTO CREDIT: Sid Ceaser of Ceaser Photography.

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  1. Avrum 11 years ago

    G-damn it Dave – about time!

  2. Stephen P Smith 11 years ago

    What Avrum said…