Randy Riggs Structured Meeting Planner, DR02

Randy Riggs' Meeting Planner Back in June, I posted reader Randy Riggs’ “meeting planner”, which is loosely inspired by some of my forms. He has an updated version, which a few of you have expressed interest in. Randy writes:

Attached is an updated, higher-quality file for posting to your website, based on my field use and input from Jennifer. Thoughts:
  • I dropped the time bubbles, but left a spot to allocate time. While open discussion is good, it can cause meeting interminitis, which eventually leads people to avoid your meetings.
  • Combined Agenda and Emerging into “Stated Agenda,” again with the intent of providing some hope that this meeting will stay (relatively) on topic.
  • Added another participant slot, giving room for 6 formal entries, with 11 more slots to add people if needed.
  • After moving “Other Participants,” I used the extra space for discussion notes.
  • I also added a spot in the lower right to indicate if the back of the sheet was used for additional notes, or if notes were taken elsewhere.
  • Finally, I acknowledged your appreciated influence and included DAVIDSEAH.COM in the footer.

I’ve put Randy’s PDF on my server for downloading glee! Download it and leave comments for Randy here!