Randy Riggs Structured Meeting Planner, DR02

Randy Riggs Structured Meeting Planner, DR02

Randy Riggs' Meeting Planner Back in June, I posted reader Randy Riggs’ “meeting planner”, which is loosely inspired by some of my forms. He has an updated version, which a few of you have expressed interest in. Randy writes:

Attached is an updated, higher-quality file for posting to your website, based on my field use and input from Jennifer. Thoughts:
  • I dropped the time bubbles, but left a spot to allocate time. While open discussion is good, it can cause meeting interminitis, which eventually leads people to avoid your meetings.
  • Combined Agenda and Emerging into “Stated Agenda,” again with the intent of providing some hope that this meeting will stay (relatively) on topic.
  • Added another participant slot, giving room for 6 formal entries, with 11 more slots to add people if needed.
  • After moving “Other Participants,” I used the extra space for discussion notes.
  • I also added a spot in the lower right to indicate if the back of the sheet was used for additional notes, or if notes were taken elsewhere.
  • Finally, I acknowledged your appreciated influence and included DAVIDSEAH.COM in the footer.

I’ve put Randy’s PDF on my server for downloading glee! Download it and leave comments for Randy here!


  1. Mark Garcia 11 years ago

    Thank you for your work. I love this planner.

  2. Joyce 11 years ago

    Just tried it out, absolutely love it! I’ve printed out more copies and will test drive them some more this week.

  3. Author
    Dave Seah 11 years ago

    Thanks for the feedback! I’ll pass this along to Randy Riggs if he isn’t already reading this :)

  4. Mark Garcia 11 years ago

    I was thinking the other day, it would be great to have a “second/back” page that was lined similar to what is under the Discussion section. That way you could continue your notes on the back and still keep it neat.

  5. Jennifer 11 years ago

    I’m flattered that he took my suggestions.

    I like the new format. Used it this afternoon for my meeting and it worked well. Really like the RSVP/Attd bubbles as well.

    I concur with Mark on having lined pages on the back but have no issue with the current format. I’ll be using this for a long time :)


  6. Chew LH 11 years ago

    I like it. And I’d like to have more Action Items instead of Discussion. For me, the call to action is more important than logging the discussions. How about increasing it from 5 to 8 lines?