Wallpaper of “Explore – Learn – Build – Share”

990-0808-ghdrr-approach.jpg Reader Mike asked if I had a higher-resolution sized image of the diagram from my most recent Groundhog Day Review. Ask and ye shall receive (especially if it’s easy to bust out and I’m in the mood to score extra “productivity points” for the day :)

UPDATE: By request, I also added a Scaleable Vector Graphic (SVG) file for people who want to edit the graphic themselves and make their own wallpaper. You can use something like Inkscape to edit it. This version of the graphic is slightly different than the one pictured.

» Download DaveSeah-Mission Wallpaper (ZIP file, 1920 pixels wide)
» Download DaveSeah-Mission SVG (ZIP-SVG file, 500 pixels wide)

note: if you’re using an RSS reader like Google Reader, you may have to click through to this article to download the file.