Dry Erase Version of the ETP, Anyone?

Over on the Facebook Page for David Seah Dot Com, an enterprising user of the Emergent Task Planner made her own whiteboard version, using a permanent ink marker to draw it by hand on what looks like a larger size. It’s pretty glorious, so I asked my printer if they could make them.

They came back with a few options, ranging from a laminated flexible plastic to a rigid version. They are kind of expensive to make, so I’m testing the waters with this post.

So I’m looking for some feedback from people who like boards on their wall. The original idea was to adapt the ETP to this, but I’m open to suggestions. It would be cool, for example, to design a group project dry erase dashboard. I used to like these when I worked in teams, so we could see what the objective of the day was. I suppose I should prototype it.

Anyway, leave a comment here or post on the Facebook page if you have any interest in a future product like this. First, we’ll brainstorm and figure out what we’re looking for. Then, I’ll produce a mockup that testers can print locally at their nearby copy shops and see if it’s awesome or not. Thanks!