Mail Bag for January 10, 2012

Mail Bag for January 10, 2012

One resolution I am planning to make thiscoming February 2nd is to become more efficient in processing the various email alerts I get about various products. Here’s a few of them, plus a bit of my own news:

  • Tom Novak wrote me way back in October about his simple graphical countdown timer at Timerrr as a Chrome extension. For those of you who can’t stand tomatoes, I suppose :)

  • Patrick Ng’s blog Scription is the blog I wish I was writing…super inspiring and beautiful. He’s a talented guy…check out his Chronodex, a circular way of representing time.

  • From Daniel Dankworth, an alert that he’s created a “habit tracking” app for Android along the lines of Joe’s Goals; I don’t have a smartphone so I can’t test it, but you can check it out at

  • I periodically post work-in-progress on my Facebook Page; just posted a preview of an Emergent Task Planner Instruction Sheet last night. These are going on the back of the 4×6 Sticky Pads.

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  1. Jim 12 years ago

    Hi, David. Happy New Year. It seems like your RSS feed might have a glitch. I think it’s stuck at your last GHDR. Thanks. –Jim