2012 Compact Calendar Updates

2012 Compact Calendar Updates

"Compact Calendar 2012" I’ve just updated the USA Compact Calendar for 2012. It’s the same “Candy Bar of Time” you know and love, with a few new features:

  • Start the calendar on any arbitrary date
  • Month Separation Lines (thanks to Daniel Kinal for the tip)
  • Improved 1st Day highlighting
  • Improved Day Abbreviations
  • US Letter and A4-size PDFs included

In addition to these new features, I’ve also made a short video that describes how to modify the calendar’s starting date, length, and color formatting. So check out the updated calendar.

I’ve noticed that quite a few of the international versions of the Compact Calendar are using old versions of the spreadsheet; if you’re making a version for your own country, I encourage you to update to the latest spreadsheet base.

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