2012 Compact Calendar Updates

"Compact Calendar 2012" I’ve just updated the USA Compact Calendar for 2012. It’s the same “Candy Bar of Time” you know and love, with a few new features:

  • Start the calendar on any arbitrary date
  • Month Separation Lines (thanks to Daniel Kinal for the tip)
  • Improved 1st Day highlighting
  • Improved Day Abbreviations
  • US Letter and A4-size PDFs included

In addition to these new features, I’ve also made a short video that describes how to modify the calendar’s starting date, length, and color formatting. So check out the updated calendar.

I’ve noticed that quite a few of the international versions of the Compact Calendar are using old versions of the spreadsheet; if you’re making a version for your own country, I encourage you to update to the latest spreadsheet base.

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