Help Me Pick Some Products, Please!

Got a quick question for anyone who’s reading regarding print on demand:

  1. Which PCEO forms would you like to be able to purchase?
  2. What customization would you like to be able to do to the forms?

I’ve been talking with a printer about a web-based ordering system that would allow anyone to purchase forms in modest quantities. The printing quality is good; I’ve used them before. I’m thinking of making the investment.

Some possibilities:

  • Any of the existing designs in the productivity tools section.
  • Customization of text on the form as-you-order (for example, your company name on a Compact Calendar)
  • Numerous paper options

I’m putting together a proposal for them for Monday, so if anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please leave a comment. My intention is to keep offering the free PDF downloads, but to also offer high-quality printing on high-quality paper at a reasonable cost to the people who want it.