2011-0818 Thursday

2011-0818 Thursday

SUMMARY: A very social day. Second day of comfort with social activities, and a renewed sense of not just purpose, but confidence in that purpose.

I slept very badly last night, tossing and turning. Around 4PM I got up and tried sleeping in the living room, then in the guest bedroom. Finally I went back to my room and then fell asleep, but slept much longer than planned…to 1030AM.

I noted that my body temperature seemed at a slight low. My feet didn’t feel overly warm. I felt somewhat rested, but tired. I sprang out of bed when I thought I might have missed something scheduled for the morning, but I was imagining it. The interesting thing was that thus motivated, I had no problem initiating movement. Maybe letting my brain analyze and negotiate the best course of action, or giving too much processing time to emotional factors, is the reason for lack of motivation in the first place. BELLY ACHING and NAVEL GAZING. This reminds me of something in The Alchemist, about hearts being good to listen to but not let them have their way. That suggests that there is a third center, other than the mind and the heart. Is it the will?

The day blown, I checked email, facebook, etc. Looked ahead to Tuesday next week, where I might cowork for the day in Salem, MA. I also checked web traffic, curious to see if the two back-to-back form-and-calendar updates would lead to an uptick in traffic and break the Thursday-Sunday dip.

Wondering if I should eat today. Last night I had some mediocre Pad Thai.

1315: I’m still in the house. Need to get out! Still haven’t eaten. Still haven’t drank any water. Mentally I’m feeling muddle-headed…low blood sugar feeling? Muscles are functioning, but The Will is low. Just ate some cold curry leftovers…that should provide some oomph.

— data lost —

For the rest of Thursday, there was a Tweetup at a local restaurant, followed by visiting the Django Swing jam at Studio 99, and then I got home and watched TV/chatted with people on Star Trek Online until midnight. A Very Social Day. I am noting, though, that while I wasn’t drained by it, I still needed a LOT of decompression time afterwards.