2011-0817 Wednesday

2011-0817 Wednesday

SUMMARY: I’m starting to backslide a bit on this schedule thing, though overall I’m still waking up earlier, and am MUCH more aware of the ramifications.

As it happened, last night I logged into Star Trek Online at 9:30PM and got pulled into my first player session by a small role-playing group. I logged out at midnight, and then slept until 8:30AM.

I wasn’t very hungry, stuffed with curry from the previous night as I was, so I just had two eggs over-easy with some oatmeal bread toast. No coffee, yet. Nothing to drink, which I think was a mistake. My original plan was to get out of the house and do some thinking on a client project, but I got distracted by some other work-related email. At around 1030AM I decided to put together an “Academic Version” of the Compact Calendar to see if it would be a good seasonal thing to make.

1030 to 1230: make Academic Compact Calendar. Includes updates to formulas and conditional formatting. Includes PDF version, hand-tuned to look nice.

1230 to 1315: putter with email, low energy! need to decide what to do. Billable hours next.

I’m struck by all the non-paying projects I have going on that I want to move forward on. Wish I could be working on just those.

1315 to 1415: Get my butt to Starbucks, catch up with more email. Register for Podcamp Boston and FLL Bowling Event.

1415 to 1515: Client “Sounding Board” billable work.

1515 to 1600: Putter with email, Facebook. Thinking of what I need to do to “self-host” my own project management system. Added “$5 Donation Button”.

1600 to 1800: prep blog post for Academic Compact Calendar. Update links and sidebar text.

1800 to 1830: post on Twitter, Facebook, Blog Post. Post went live at 6PM, so it’ll be interesting to see how traffic improves over the next week. This is timed right to be useful, I think.

1830 to 2130: Ate at Thai restaurant, had very unexceptional Pad Thai. Then to Studio 99 to listen in on the Bluegrass jam and catch up with friends. Got home around 945PM, puttered on email and so forth.

It’s now almost 11PM, so I should go to sleep.

Some decisions made: I’m sort of leaning back toward social media events. Signed up for several today. Found out about a Jelly in Chelmsford this Friday at 1130AM, so I should go check that out. Can stop by Chinese restaurant or Pho restaurant on way back :) Also signed up for Podcamp Boston in September, and found out about Tweetup tomorrow night.