2011-0813 Saturday, Sunday

Combined Saturday/Sunday log.

Saturday was Podcamp New Hampshire. Had a good time just being at the event, and not being too wrapped up into it. It was novel being in a place I hadn’t been to before, interacting with a group of people that I didn’t know personally but were part of my tribe: creative people who like to share what they know, on the general principle that a community based on sharing is a good thing.

I was up at 6AM, and got back around 5PM. Upon getting home I immediately fell asleep and woke groggily up around 8PM. I ate something, and then to decompress I watched 4+ hours of TV on Hulu. I got to sleep around 2AM. This seems to happen every time I spend a lot of time being in a social environment: I seem to have to get out of my own head and stop thinking for a while. TV is the easiest, most passive way of doing it. The next easiest way to do it is to play a video game, though that requires some familiarty with a game that you can visit again and again.

Sunday was breakfast day with Sid and Sara, and I returned their GPS (I’d borrowed it for the drive to New Hampton on Saturday). From 830AM to 930AM was getting up and driving to the breakfast place, and 930AM to 1030AM was breakfast. From 1030AM to around 1130AM I was at Starbucks, doing nothing in particular on the computer. I may have been answering emails. At 1130AM I went to look at GPSs at Radio Shack, then went home, ate leftover curry for lunch, and then watched a lot more Hulu until 3PM. At which point, I actually fell asleep and woke up again at 6PM. I puttered around with the computer, looking up various things related to TV shows, and a few things related to self-adjusting pipe wrenches. I drove out to get some dinner, which I just finished. It’s now 8:15PM, and I’m kind of ready to go to sleep.