2011-0812 Friday

I forgot to start the log, so data has been lost. The two highlights of the day were social interactions: one in real life, one in virtual space.

From what I remember, I woke up around 730AM, and made it to Starbucks around 830 or 900AM. I remember feeling pretty clear-headed mentally, with plans to work on some client material. However, I saw an email (my first mistake was to open mail) about a bug in the Gantt Excel Spreadsheet, which cross-referenced to another bug report and solution, and I realized what the problem was. So I spent some time fixing that and updating the files. This took me to around 945AM, when I had to head home for a conference call with Al Briggs. This lasted until around 1045AM, at which point I chatted with Sid and headed to the studio to break our summer hiatus from podcasting. We wrapped the podcast around an hour ago at 1:00PM. The past hour (it’s now 2:00PM) was spent catching up on other social media.

Momentum was completely absorbed by ad-hoc tasks and social networking. Head is considerably less clear. I’m feeling tired, but it may be due to an actual need to eat something.

I should also mention that last night, trying to fall asleep, I kept waking up due to my feet feeling very warm, even with a fan blowing on them. I finally just got up and ran some cold water into the bathtub, and dunked ’em until they were cold. Then, I went back to bed, and was able to fall asleep until the alarm went off. Intriguing. No melatonin. I don’t think the stuff, in 1mg portions anyway, is doing much for me. I’d rather dunk my feet in icy water.

2PM, and I feel like I want to do productive work. However, my head is feeling fuzzy. If I actually just need to eat something substantial, that could be the fix. Next, I need to do just commit to starting a task. Just one. And completing it.

I have a possible 7PM engagement later today, which puts a cramp in my planning, but it is doable. I’ll be able to get some opinions, I hope, on my Gun Safety Poster marketing.

Yet another thought: I should force myself to start thee things instead of listening to my body (or rather, my mind) that is advocating sleep, just to see what happens. I suspect it’s another case of my body trying to trick me into laziness by claiming a state of mind that is actually completely fake.

1400 to 1415: Created, Updated this post entry.

Remainder of day:

1415 to 1900: Did I fall asleep? I awoke sometime. The time is lost.

1900 to 2100: Drove to visit friends in Nashua, showed them the Gun Safety Poster to get some feedback. It was good to just hang out and share their company.

2100 to 2400: Hung out on Star Trek Online and chatted with the RP community, learning the different factions and styles. This was as a key moment, as I became fully aware of the shape of the RP community and finally had a grasp of it in totality.