Avoid BS Goals

Avoid BS Goals

Richard Harrison, who wrote me yesterday to make sure I wasn’t heading down a road of crap (thanks man!), also pointed out two-shay.com. It’s “two brothers on personal development, philosophy, and being awesome”, and I found their article Avoid Bullshit Goals to be a timely kick in the pants. If you ever get tired waiting for me to get to the point in my writing, two-shay.com will be a welcome respite. Check it out!


  1. Christopher Weuve 13 years ago

    “Avoid bullshit goals” can be better phrased as “use SMART goals.” (Anyone who doesn’t recognize the acronym should google “SMART goals”.)

  2. Author
    Dave Seah 13 years ago

    Thanks Chris! I found a reference on Wikipedia to SMART.

    Aside: I wonder why it is that I never think of these things when I’m doing personal goals? I think maybe it’s because I mistake the feeling I want from the end result with how it is supposed to be right now. In other words, not making personal goals into real work, so you are essentially in the working mindset all the time.

    • Christopher Weuve 13 years ago

      Yeah — setting the goal is the first part of the process, not the conclusion of the process. Deciding on the destination isn’t the same as actually going, and and the travel bit requires more work than just deciding to make the trip.

  3. I thought this sounded familiar, thanks for clarifying.