USA Compact Calendar 12-PDF Pack

Compact Calendar for USADipping my toe into digital commerce, I’ve made a special version of the 2011 Compact Calendar. If you want to save yourself some time and effort prettifying the output of the Excel spreadsheets, these 12 one-year calendars, each starting on a different month of 2011 in a separate PDF file ready for printing. You’ll have 12 full months of planning available for every month of 2011, compactly represented on an 8.5×11 printable PDF with plenty of space for note taking.

How much, you ask? I’m offering these PDFs as a digital download for $5.00, which is available on my USA Calendar 12-PDF package page. For five bucks you can have the fanciest notes at your next meeting!

Please note: this version is localized for the USA; I will be releasing a generic one for international users soon.