2011 Emergent Task Timer Updates

2011 Emergent Task Timer Updates

"The Emergent Task Timer" The second update of this year’s Printable CEO forms is the Emergent Task Timer (ETT). It’s completely redesigned, and now available in monochrome and color in both US and International sizes.

New in 2011

I was originally just going to do a quick update, but looking at the old design (it’s from 2006) I was compelled to bring it in line with the current state-of-the-art. This has taken longer than planned, but I’m pretty excited about creating a very complete line of productivity tools this year.

  • I’ve dropped the year from the forms. If you miss it, you can always import the PDF and print on top of it.

  • The design is considerably condensed and refined, incorporating the style from the Emergent Task Planner and adding some often-requested features.

  • Proxima Nova Condensed is our new font, replacing Helvetica Neue.

  • Color and Black&White!

  • A4 and US paper sizes, in both portrait and landscape!

  • I’m planning on making an instruction sheet for this, but I am going to try to get the form updates out first. They are currently taking 8-10 hours per series, because of the number of subform variations.

Download the 2011 Emergent Task Planner Forms


p>» Visit the ETT Emergent Task Timer Home Page to download the latest form versions.