2011 Emergent Task Planner Updates

"The Emergent Task Planner" I’ve started the long update procedure for the 2011 Printable CEO form updates, beginning with the ever-popular Emergent Task Planner (ETP).

New in 2011

There are major changes coming to the entire Printable CEO (PCEO) series that will be happening this year, but the end result should be more forms from the entire back catalog that are no longer outdated every year.

  • I’ve finally dropped the year from the forms; while I like the way it looks, it makes the form updates every year rather tedious.

  • I’m switching to a new font called Proxima Nova Condensed. It has just a bit more charm that my old standby Helvetica Neue Condensed; you can read about the font switch in my post, An Incremental Change in Identity.

  • I am now making the free versions of the forms match the pre-printed versions available on Amazon. If you like quality paper and want to save the hassle of printing, these are a worth looking into.

  • The smaller-sized A5 and MiniUS versions will be available as soon as I can make the last round of changes in it; they will be available on the ETP home page.

Other News


p>I am starting to standardize on a new instruction format (see above). It’s available on the new ETP home page. It’s not quite done; I have to actually substitute my handwriting on the form itself as an example, but I haven’t done it yet because I need to do some fancy image processing to make it work. But here it is so far:

The Emergent Task Planner Incidentally, all the forms are moving to a new section independent of the regular blog postings. I’m using a WordPress 3.0 feature called “custom post types” which should, in combination with custom taxonomies, make it a lot easier to find just the right form. FINALLY!

Download the 2011 Emergent Task Planner Forms

» Visit the ETP Home Page to download the latest form versions.