Testers Wanted for Smaller Emergent Task Planner Design

Testers Wanted for Smaller Emergent Task Planner Design

New ETP Form Factors There are two new form factors for the Emergent Task Planner: half-size A5 and quarter-size A6. I actually accidentally made the A6 version first, having read the wrong line of the ISO 216 paper size table, and was wondering why it looked so small…oops!

I don’t use this size at all, so I’m wondering if anyone out there would like to give me early feedback on the design. I suspect some things might be too small, and people with binders may need additional space on the left-hand side for hole punching. So if you’ve got a desire to test, leave a comment here or shoot me an email via the contact form, and I’ll send you a fresh PDF to download from send you an invite to the the super-secret Design Prototyping Area (in Basecamp), where you can download the PDF and participate in the design discussion.

For North American users, I’d be interested in hearing what smaller paper sizes are most useful to you.

Thanks for anyone who can spare some time!

UPDATE NOV 24, 2010: Testing is closed. We should have a new version of the A5 and US Memo (5.5×8.5″) up soon.