Emergent Task Planner (Free version) 2010 Updates

Emergent Task Planner (Free version) 2010 Updates

Emergent Task Planner Updates The most current version of this form is available here

Plan your day as it happens

The Emergent Task Planner (or ETP) is a Daily Planning Sheet that provides a way for you to lightly structure your day. By helping you visualize the time you have, you can get a sense of just how much work you can get done done. The ETP borrows some of the task planning methodology from the Task Progress Tracker to reinforce one idea: it’s hard to get anything done on purpose when there are so many distractions. The ETP provides space for noting down the unexpected while keeping your big-picture tasks in view.

The 2010 edition is based on last year’s pre-printed pad design, which is now available on Amazon.com for ordering. The free downloadable versions are available in black and white, blue, and green, in both US Letter (8.5×11) and International A4 sizes.

If you have any other form variation requests or miss an older version, let me know and I’ll dig it up for you.

Download 2010 Emergent Task Planner Printable Forms

8.5 x 11 inch Letter

A4 International

Note: For some reason, some Macs have trouble displaying the colors, but they will print correctly. If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, I think the issue goes away.

For information about the Emergent Task Planner, the original post describes each design feature in greater detail.

Or Save Your Expensive Printer Ink

You can now buy high quality offset-printed pads of 75 sheets, using the new blue and orange color scheme, on Amazon.com. And yes, you can take advantage of that Amazon Super Saver Shipping when you buy more than $25 of stuff from them. Check it out! Your purchase helps me spend more time blogging and designing about productivity, and I appreciate it!