Groundhog Day Resolution Review 5/5/2010

Groundhog Day Resolution Review 5/5/2010

SUMMARY: In last month’s review, I set forward a master resolution: make a good living working with people I like and respect. The emphasis, right now, is on making. Empire building, as I like to think of it. Building the means by which I can make progress toward that goal. And since I’m not a real big fan of walking, I’m learning to build vehicles that will carry me there with quirky style. Last Month’s Progress

The “big push” from last month was this list:

  • Finish the Design Website
  • Promote design business, book work as it comes in
  • Build The Printable CEO™ Website
  • Create Commerce Opportunities from the Printable CEO Materials

I’m shocked to see that I actually fulfilled my plan to finish the design website for a “Dave for Hire” campaign in late April. DONE. While I was making this happen, I was thrashing around wondering how it would turn out, and I’ve been continuing to tweak the text and presentation. But it’s out there now, and the moment I did that people started asking me about work. I’m in the middle of a few proposals right now, which is exciting and even a little surreal. The next stage in empire building will be the PCEO Website, which will finally consolidate all things PCEO in one handy reference place.

The Big Picture

Lest I forget, here were my general goals for the year from the kickoff on Groundhog’s Day:

  • Create a package for each of the five destinations that can be sold on Amazon or offered as a service.
  • Recruit people who are interested in being part of Dave Seah caravan.
  • Expand the product line from 1 to 5 things by the end of the year.
  • Offer it all (and more) on the website.

The effort for this month falls squarely into the “niche design business” destination…awesome! As for recruiting people, that actually has been on my mind as I consider expanding into another service: “tech jamming”, for the lack of a better description. I’m imagining it being something like running a “day room” for people looking for technical or creative direction from someone like myself. It’s sort of like teaching, but less focused on lectures or specific educational agendas. I’d be more of a catalyst for brainstorming, defining, and getting people past their hurdles.

Upcoming Steps

In additional to filling out the work schedule, it’s time to turn my attention back toward The Printable CEO line of forms. There’s quite a bit going on here: iPhone Application Development, some inquiries about developing a web series with a few developers, the various documentation projects ongoing with Mary Wiseman, and my own customized source bundles for digital delivery. I should lay out some goals, though:

  • All existing forms packages as ZIP bundles and available for download from
  • – up and pretty!
  • One form package designed for a specific application, ready for sale

Secondly, along the lines of the Tech Jams:

  • One “tech jam” scheduled in June or earlier.

And for the recruitment side of things:

  • Find some local people who want to work with me to make stuff, under my direction, to co-develop some business.

I think that’s enough for now…there is a lot of other work I have going on. The next Groundhog Day Resolution Day is June 6, 2010. Here’s the list of past reviews:

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  1. ashish 11 years ago

    hey..sounds like you are making great progress.  cool!