Tuesday Afternoon Staff Meeting

There hasn’t been much movement on Agenceum-related stuff for the past week. In fact, I completely forgot to do my staff meeting post last week.

Although I don’t have anything to report here on the Agenceum Blog, there’s plenty of stuff going on elsewhere on my other blog and behind-the-scenes. Some of the Agenceum material, particularly the Wiki, may be re-purposed. And I’m thinking a lot about how to package websites again to meet more specific market demands at specific price points. When I get those packages defined, I’ll post them here. There are few technical challenges that I need to solve immediately, this means I’m past the technology building stage and am now in the business development stage. There’s the need to create marketing materials and put them in the hands of prospective clients, once I find them. This is an entire process in itself that I will be looking at more closely.

In the meantime, there is some old business that will be closed out this week,, which will perhaps lead to continued business.