Tuesday Afternoon Staff Meeting

Tuesday Afternoon Staff Meeting

It seems that these meetings are getting later and later in the day! I’ve been trying to keep productive by single-tasking, and frankly I forgot that today was Staff Meeting day. Oops. The perils of working by yourself.

What’s Going On Now

Looking over last week’s Agency to-do list, not a lot of goals have been checked off. I have suspended the active status of the “simple package/marketing message” stuff because I’ve had to handle something more immediate: client communication. I have a few clients who are interested in the service, and I’m instead focusing on describing and explaining the process. I’ve been doing a lot more writing.

o/open */priority ./nextup :/inprogress  %/paused
-/deleted +/new x/done

*   Create "how to" documents for prospective clients, put on Wiki.
*   Client Meetings
%   Create simple package for $50-$250 based on two designs.
%   Create marketing message / value proposition / benefit statement.
%   Post descriptions on blog.
o  Create simple advertisement poster.
o   Adapt poster to web for agenceum.com
o   Establish sales goals and metrics
o   Assemble a list of prospective local clients from friend network
o   Create “get the word out” checklist.
o   Consolidate backups onto archival DVDR and hard disks
x   Create basic Agenceum identity sytem; use this to bootstrap the
    identity offering.

On Wednesday, I have three meetings lined up with three different clients, two of which are new business. I also have another client meeting on Friday to talk about two other projects involving website design and logos. Also, I’ve had some new maintenance requests for an existing website, so I’m starting to think about what to implement to help manage those (and what to charge).

New Documents on the Wiki

Other New Systems

The Coming Week

It’s a lot of client meetings on Wednesday, and figuring out how to support the process. I foresee more documentation with a little bit of coding, and the definition of a few new service packages. For example, if a client is NOT ready with content and needs some guidance, then I might charge a monthly consultation retainer fee of $50/month. It then becomes the best interest of the frugal client to have their content ready before talking to me,  perhaps created with the help of a guide I’ll write, or be able to pay for guidance for a nominal monthly fee.