The Duck Roasting Saga

The Duck Roasting Saga

Duck Roasting Saga It’s been years since I’ve posted anything in the Food Category, so it is time to amend that! Yesterday was the first real snow day here in New England, so I tried roasting a duck. This duck had been in my freezer for at least a year, and I had started thawing it on Sunday with the idea of doing something exciting with it. After a bit of browsing, I came across an amazingly cheerful Boston food blog called The Hungry Mouse, which has a fabulously-detailed article on the best way to roast a duck. It’s written with true passion for ducky goodness, and so I gladly followed the instructions. My duck got a little burned, but otherwise it was quite edible if dry. Check out the Flickr Photo Set if you’d like to see how the roasting went, with pictures taken at each stage.


  1. sfassmann 10 years ago

    I was wondering how that worked out after the twitter ran out. Looks pretty good.

    The real question is how did it taste?

  2. Christopher 10 years ago

    LOL, Dave: “if you’d like to see how the roasting went, with pictures taken at each stage”

  3. Dave Seah 10 years ago

    sfassmann: since I didn’t marinate the duck, the flavor wasn’t very intense, but ducks are more flavorful than chickens, and the skin tasted good with the (slightly burnt) glaze. I found the meat a little dry, though…I probably cooked it too long! Next time I’ll have to use a meat thermometer and monitor it.