Educating the Client: Getting on the Internet

Educating the Client: Getting on the Internet

My first client, Mark Pensgen, has been working with me closely to help define the kind of questions he’s curious about. He’s an ideal test case: he’s starting a new financial planning service in his community, wants to get on the Internet with a very simple presence, and has a lot of questions.

I’m starting to adapt some of the materials I’ve written for him into the Agenceum Wiki; I’ll eventually move this text into the Catalog that lists all the templates. I can see this catalog turning into an interesting document in its own right.

The first two documents are:

They are probably too long and they’re first-draft quality, but this is the beginning of getting some decent background materials ready. Writing comes easiest to me, and I should remember that I should start with this. After that, it’s easier to come up with the design.