Startup Mode: Engaged!

Since launching this project, I’ve had a couple unpleasant dreams involving failure and ridicule by people close and far from me. I take this as a sign that it’s making me uncomfortable enough that it’s definitely something I want to do. Anything new and scary is going to create a sense of doubt. Doing a quick safety check, though, I don’t see anything that can immediately hurt me outside the realm of fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

The past few days since staking my claim have been spent figuring out how best to deploy my “git” repositories, which will be part of the information technology setup for The Agenceum.

Backup and storage is actually my primary concern right now, because I’m in the middle of it for my old projects, and I want to start Agenceum with a meticulously clean slate. At the same time, I don’t want to be meticulous to the point that I fritter my time away.

Speaking of Agenceum, I’ve been also thinking about how to write in this blog. I have registered, and by now the rest of the world can see the underwear of the website plainly flapping in the wind. I’m thinking of keeping the blog right here on, but using the clean website as the “outward facing” side of the Agenceum; it’s the public site. That makes this blog the “inward facing” side of Agenceum; it’s the intranet.

The next step…probably write up the first business plan in a form that is easy to measure against. Then document the current offerings in the Agenceum stable.