Introducing the Agenceum

Introducing the Agenceum

I’ve been busy setting up servers and figuring out what I need to do to launch this “niche design business” experiment I declared in my last post. All this material will appear on a new sub-blog called The Agenceum, which you can reach at The idea behind the name is Agency + Lyceum, and it was available as a domain name in case I want to expand this further in the coming year.

I’m going to try to work dirty, getting stuff up and running before it’s completely ready. This will be difficult for my perfectionist side to deal with, but there are so many things to do that I really need to trust that I can refine things as they go. Plus, because I’m saying that this is a kind of experiment, I’m sort of giving myself permission to really suck so we can ALL learn from the experience. I love seeing what’s going on behind the scenes, so taking a cue from that I figure others might find it interesting to see how I’m going about this.

So check out the new agenceum blog if you’re interested in what goes on there. You’ll notice that it’s an almost-stock out-of-the-box WordPress setup, using a theme I found via the Theme Browser. It’ll evolve as it goes.


  1. Claude Knaus 14 years ago

    Your template looks strikingly similar to the one I have created for my blog. :-) I’m looking forward to seeing progress on agenceum.

  2. CricketB 14 years ago

    Working quick and dirty is a great experience. You’ve probably heard of production programmers vs elegant programmers. One gets the job done. The other creates nice code. It also happens to engineers. Atomic Energy Canada has a quote to the effect that the time and effort of complicated simulations is sometimes more expensive than just designing in more safety.

    When my voice teacher wants me to break a bad habit, she’ll often give me a temporary exercise that could create the opposite bad habit. Writing exercise often produce unbalanced work, but end up balancing the writer.

    As for behind the scenes, the factory tours were the best parts of Mr. Rogers’ Neighbourhood.

  3. Jessica 14 years ago

    I think this is a great idea.  Not because it’s inexpensive, but because it’s a non-intimidating way to start a web presence.  My husband’s never used a computer before, and he’s said several times he’d like to have a single web page to advertise his small business.  He’s worried it would be a big hassle, and I don’t have time to help him.  I’m sure there’s lots of people like him out there.

  4. Rose 14 years ago

    very exciting! I like that a planner personality is getting wild, crazy and dirty. Technically, a little over my head and had to look up “Lyceum” but enjoy the opportunity to watch a business grow.

    Another weird niche is managing a business’s twitter/facebook/stumble/ect accounts for them.
    Unfortunately I HATE those. (time wasters):-)