Changing of the Guard: Dave’s 9rules Interview

Changing of the Guard: Dave’s 9rules Interview

SUMMARY: I wax nostalgically about my start in blogging with the 9rules blog network back in 2005, and introduce new editor Jayvee Fernandez from SplashPress Media. We interviewed each other on the 9rules blog as part of a “getting to know ya” series, because it’s the neighborly thing to do.

I’ve been getting back into online communities, and one of the first places I’m spending more time at is 9rules, the blog network that was founded on Paul Scriven‘s original list of 9rules that outlines the principles of living a meaningful life. Each site maintaining its independence to do what it wants. Beyond that, the main benefits provided to member sites are, from my perspective, the opportunity to increase exposure and the opportunity to associate with and learn from other content-oriented bloggers. I learned a lot about online community from other more established blogs in the internal forum, and it was 9rules that helped clarify my desire to create content and share it no matter what other people thought. It also put me in touch with dozens of people who felt the same as I did; when I was getting started down this path in 2005, knowing that other people were right there with me was a huge comfort.

9rule’s administrative reins have recently passed from Paul, Mike, and Tyme to SplashPress Media, and we members now have a new liaison in the form of Jayvee Fernandez, a blogger and Editor at SplashPress. Blog networks used to be a big deal a few years ago, when there was a kind of “content land grab” mentality in effect between competing organization. Maybe I just stopped paying attention, but it seems that a lot of this has quieted down; everyone is busy these days writing and making as much good stuff as they can. While the blogging landscape and the place that 9rules had within it has morphed greatly since 2005, one lesson I’ve learned still holds true: making new one-on-one connections with my blogging neighbors has enriched my life. The same can be said about getting to know the members of any community, of course, but blogging is the activity that taught me that lesson in the first place. And because of that, I’m looking forward to getting to know Jayvee and the rest of the current 9rules crew. Jayvee feels the same way, and has kicked up an interview series on the 9rules blog, which will consist of members interviewing members. Jayvee noticed my recent spurt of activity within the forums, and invited me to be the first participant in his interview series. You can read my brief interview (and see a new portrait that my professional photographer buddy Sid Ceaser took in his studio after I had been running outside in the rain). And you can read my interview of Jayvee as well. The format is very brief and was easy to do over email; I’m thinking of interviewing more people now! Maybe a podcast is in the future.


  1. Fabian 14 years ago

    9rules looks like a really cool network. Thanks for the link and the interviews!

  2. Walter 14 years ago

    I have always been wanting to expand my horizon in the blogging community. With 9 rules you have shared here, I hope I will succeed. Thanks for sharing this. :-)