The Printable CEO IX: The Plain Old 5-Day Planner

"The Plain Old 5-Day Planner" In yesterday’s post summarizing the 5 day liveblogging of my day, I made a grid in Excel that to help me visualize not only where the time had gone, but what kind of time it happened to be. This was an interesting exercise, and the shape of it stuck with me as I began this week’s chore of figuring out what I needed to do when. I realized that I could easily adapt the new Emergent Task Planner design (which I haven’t yet released) to a 5-day planning format.

The 5 Day Planner It’s pretty straightforward, which is why it’s called the “Plain Old 5-Day Planner”. Basic grid paper, downloadable as a PDF. You’ll need something like Adobe Acrobat Reader to print it out. Additionally, for the first time I’m starting to make A4 sizes part of the series. I’ll eventually refresh all the designs in the coming months to include European sizes.


  • Fill in the hours on the left-hand side.
  • Jot down what you need to do, when.
  • Keep notes on the right-hand side.


» Download the Plain 5-Day Planner US Letter size
» Download the Plain 5-Day Planner A4 size