Visiting San Jose

December 9 through December 14 I’ll be in San Jose, California for an extended on-site, getting serious about coding for the Big Project. Although I don’t yet know our schedule (it is going to be pretty intense), I thought I’d see if there was any interest in having a productivity geek dinner at some easy-to-access place that’s quiet enough to hear each other talk.

When I used to run user group meetings here in New Hampshire, I would encourage people to bring some objects (not on a computer, though, unless the computer itself is cool) for a kind of informal show and tell. The criteria? If you think it’s interesting, then likely other people will too. When you bring some object to serve as a conversational prop, our geekly excitement tends to override any hesitation. It works great, and it makes it much easier to remember people.

Any takers? Leave a comment if you’re interested, and a suggestion for a venue. I guess we could make a page on the Public Wiki for coordination. You’ll have to register first. I guess it is also time to bring a forum online as well. If there’s any interest, I’ll set it up.