Inedible yet Appetizing

Inedible yet Appetizing

Apparently if you just WRAP food in a McDonald’s wrapper, kids will say it tastes better. The power of advertising on young children! I myself am still rather fond of McDonalds, though the “buy 10 nuggets, get 10 free” promotion recently had me questioning my wisdom in this regard. Really, the nuggets are just a vehicle for the sauce (I like the “hot mustard” one).


  1. penny 12 years ago

    sigh (regarding the advertising) but I’m not surprised at all. i agree 1000% that nuggets (or fries) are just an excuse for yummy sauces. i’m a sweet and sour fan myself… [kosher though.]


  2. Emily 12 years ago

    That’s horrible, but not surprising. Though the hot mustard sauce is my favorite too. :)