Virtual Reality and Circa Mashups

Virtual Reality and Circa Mashups

A reader recently contacted me via Flickr to say hello, and checking out his blog I was very intrigued by the combination of virtual reality, social media, and hot videos of levenger products doing things that are, shall we say, not listed in the main catalog. Oh, it’s completely tame; the combination of social media and productivity tools is just too interesting for me not to pass along.

» Ryan Rasmussen’s Collaborative Ideation.

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  1. Rasmussen 14 years ago

      hot videos of levenger products

    With a link tag like that, I half expect to see ‘Notebooks Gone Wild’! ;)

    Thank you for the encouragement. Emergent social medias offer compelling methods for removing the traditional business walls that hinder collaboration. The DIY and Productivity communities are full of talented product hackers and creative prototypers.

    Opening new product development up to the crew at and the GTD-ring has been a really rewarding experience. Conversations are a much more efficient means to understand where we ‘should’ head as a company. In the process, I’ve met dozens of truly remarkable innovators.