SQL Spellbook

SQL Spellbook

Yesterday I extolled the joy of writing down nuggets of information as a way of “binding the magic” to yourself in a modern spellbook. My goal has been to get past my noob database status and start creating a new spellbook for myself. Since a lot of the SQL information is already on the web, I’m planning on pulling it all together first in this wiki page.

If you are already registered for the PCEO wiki, you can also add your own notes and suggestions. For everyone who’s offered to help, here’s the place you can do it. Just heap the stuff in, and I’ll structure it as I go.

The end result, I am hoping, will be a very concise set of commands that are suitable for hand-transcribing into a spellbook. And possibly, this will also serve as the foundation for a very nice downloadable PDF booklet.

» Dave’s SQL Spellbook Development Wiki Page

If you want write access to the wiki, you will need to register first.

Note: If you’re confused by the “Guild” stuff as you click around, it’s because the wiki is on the same site that our World of Warcraft Business Networking Guild. I’ll be fixing this as I transition my entire site to Expression Engine over the next month or so.


  1. Karl G 15 years ago

    My tips for SQL success:

    <li>Get SQLAlchemy.</li>

    I can do basic queries off the top of my head along with reflective stuff (e.g. DESC tablename), but for heavy stuff like correlated subqueries, I prefer to have the tooling handle it.

  2. andrew 15 years ago


    Love the spell book concept.  I actually have a few unix and SQL “spellbooks” I will have to dig up!

    (Oh too bad you are not on Runetotem.  That is where my Wow characters are!)


  3. Dave Seah 15 years ago

    Karl: LOL…that’s funny :-) I almost wish I was using Python, but I’m not really looking forward to learning another language!

    Andrew: Hey, you can always start an alt on our server :-) We have a mix of low level to mid-level chars…my rogue is just hitting L21, my mage L31, and my pally L45. There’s a few people still in their teens too who don’t play as often. If you’re really serious, you can do a paid character transfer for $25 and move a mid-level alt over :-)