Spacecraft Drawings 1979-1989

Spacecraft Drawings 1979-1989

Spaceship Photos Someone left a nice comment on my old spaceship drawing post, and this prompted me to pull down my old archive and flip through it. I ended up posting a photos of them to Flickr, with commentary.

If you’re interested in reliving my childhood, check out the new photo set! Here are some samples, from earliest to most recent :-)

One of the first, 5th gradeOne of the last, 12th gradeThe most recent, 32nd grade


  1. Novel 17 years ago

    Hi, David,
    Liked the link to the acting stuff below.  Also liked viewing your drawings.  It prompted some discussions of childhood (Re: Yamata et al) with friends.  Best


  2. Jay Brewer 17 years ago

    It makes me want to start an archive now of drawings that I’ve been doing on everyday things. I love the progression and it reminds me of being in second grade and drawing boba fett suits. My friend Chris and I were obsessed with making our own boba fett suits and drew literally hundreds of them.

  3. Ian Muir 17 years ago

    I used to do drawings like this all the time when I was in middle school and start high school. Mine weren’t spaceships, I always drew robotic animals like a mecha-tiger with guns on it or a robotic spider with crazy blade legs.

    Unfortunately, my house burned down when I was 15 and the drawings were lost. Posts like this make me wish I had them. Maybe I’ll just have to start making more.

  4. Matthew Cornell 17 years ago

    Thanks! Brought back memories. In my case it was subs, though I eventually got a job with NASA :-)