Hipster-compatible Concrete Goals Tracker

Hipster-compatible Concrete Goals Tracker

Index Card Version Brand new for 2007, index card versions of the Concrete Goals Tracker. These might be useful for Hipster PDA users who are getting ready for the new year. In any case, I just felt like making them :-)

These are for 3×5 cards, and are laid out 4 to a page. As you can see in the picture, I had to split the goal list from the tracking form.

Oh, and yes…there’s an editable version. Just use Acrobat Reader’s “Text Edit” tool (next to the hand icon on the toolbar). You may want to click the box that says “Show interactive fields” as well.

» 2007 Index Card (4-up) for freelancers » PCEO-CGT03x5-Standard.pdf

» 2007 Editable Index Card (4-up) » PCEO-CGT03x5-AcroEdit.pdf

And by request, “one card per PDF” (1-up) versions:

» 2007 Editable Goals Index Card (1-up) » PCEO-CGT03x5-01A-AcroEdit.pdf

» 2007 Bubble Tracker Index Card (1-up) » PCEO-CGT03x5-01B-Tracker.pdf

And yet another request, an Avery 5388/8388 Index Card template:

» 2007 Editable Index Card (Avery 3-up) » PCEO-CGT03x5-03-AveryEdit.pdf