Concrete Goals Tracker 2007 Updates

Concrete Goals Tracker 2007 Updates

Handy Dandy Form I’ve finally gotten the 2007 Edition of the Concrete Goals Tracker uploaded. If you haven’t tried it before, it’s a form designed to motivate high value behavior that gets you to your goals. It was the first form I published here, and it’s what started the whole Printable CEO™ series back in September 2005.

The original Concrete Goals Tracker was designed for focusing my freelancing goals, but the same ideas are applicable to anything.

So What Is It?

Dave's Work ListBig Idea #1: If you choose the right tasks to focus on, you will make progress toward your goal.

Big Idea #2: The right tasks are ones that produce a concrete result. That is, it’s got to be something you can count, see, and share. That is an asset that doesn’t go away, that you can use later.

Big Idea #3: By measuring concrete results, you build the missing link to achieving goals like “Become a better artist.” Instead of flopping along, you “Draw a picture” (countable, and seeable) and “Show it to someone” (the sharing part).

Dave's Tracking TableBig Idea #4: Assign points to each task. Make the difficult/rare accomplishments worth more points. Assign tasks you already do a few times a day worth 1 or 2 points.

Big Idea #5: Track the points on a daily basis using an easy-to-use sheet of paper that covers the entire week. You’ll be able to see, at a glance, how your week is going. The natural human instinct is to maximize the collection of points.

Big Idea #6: Since the tasks, results, and point system revolve around you, the CGT becomes a kind of accounting system that measures your accrual of progress toward your goal. It’s designed so that the data logging itself, through the filling in of bubbles, always gives you the up-to-date status of your progress. There’s no need to run a report. It is self-evident, at a glance, how well you’re doing.

I haven’t been using the CGT for a while since I’ve been focused more on individual projects, but I’m about to shift my own goals again for the coming year and give it a run. People have reported that they used the CGT for 4-6 weeks, then it becomes a habit. When goals shift to a new direction, it’s probably a good idea to run another round of CGT.

2007 Standard Versions

The following downloads require Acrobat Reader 5 or above.

» 2007 Standard Original Form for freelancers » PCEO-CGT01-Standard.pdf

» 2007 Editable Standard Form with editable interactive fields » PCEO-CGT02-AcroEdit.pdf

2007 Folding Versions

The Minibook forms are compatible with PocketMod-style folding.

» 2007 MiniBook for freelancers » PCEO-CGT01-MiniBook.pdf

If you want to integrate these pages into your own PocketMod, download the forms below and then read this post.

» 2007 MiniBook pages 1-2, or 5-6 » PCEO-CGT01-MiniBook12.pdf

» 2007 MiniBook pages 3-4 » PCEO-CGT01-MiniBook34.pdf

Other Editable Versions

There are still editable Excel and PowerPoint versions of the files available, for those of you who require more customization. If it absolutely has to be pretty, drop me an email and I’ll price out a custom version for you.

More Information

For more on the design of the form, read The Making of the Printable CEO. Or visit the The Printable CEO™ Series Page to find more forms to dig through.


  1. zzap 17 years ago

    Wow, this is really handy. Thanks.

  2. Kyle Korleski 17 years ago

    Wow. However, I think that maintaining an old relationship should be worth about 2 points.

  3. Anne 17 years ago

    thanks David – this is such a timely tool for me. Double good karma heading your way!

  4. Kevin 17 years ago

    I love the full pocketmod version, but I use a different set of scoring criteria, can we have a version with editable field in the points definitions, please?