Flickr and Moo Mini Cards

Moo Mini Cards I have a paypal account that I use as my “research” fund, and the latest purchase is these Mini Cards from Moo. They were all the rage last year, when Moo was offering free sets of 10 for a limited time. Since I have a bunch of pictures now in my Flickr account, I thought I’d give the service a try.

Moo Mini Cards BoxMoo Mini Cards BoxMoo Mini Cards Box Moo is based in the U.K., so my $20 order of 100 cards took a few days to get here via Royal Mail. The cards themselves are quite small, 2 3/4″ by 1 1/8″ inches, or about the size of a squattish stick of gum. They’re nice and stiff, coated with that nice matte finish…very nice. They all come packaged in a sturdy plastic box.

I printed these via the Flickr photo sharing service. The Moo printing option allows you to pick 100 different pictures so they’re all different. Since SXSW is coming up, I thought I’d have a bunch of these on hand to give to people in case they needed my mobile number; the conference was kind of nuts last year with all the people running around, and I’ve been thinking of ways to make it a little easier to keep track of everything. This year I plan to be prepared!

Moo Mini Cards BoxThe flip side of the card has some customizable contact information, and a URL to the actual photo. They’re a bit pricey at 20 cents per card. It would have been cheaper to get some custom printed business cards of comparable quality online (it’s shocking how cheap this is now), but I wouldn’t have been able to get a different photo on each card on such nice paper stock. Plus, the experience of picking a card itself will become part of the fun. When faced with a selection, how will people decide what to pick? What will that say about them? If I were to break up the 100 cards into 10 groups of 10 photos, I might be able to make some kind of psycho-analytical tool, maybe create a mini card game of some kind. These mini cards have a powerful totemic presence that’s very tempting to apply in a creative business context.

Anyway, the Moo Minicards get a thumbs-up for me! I believe they’re only available with Flickr photos, so you’ll need an account (free ones are available). You can browse my flickr account to see what I’ve been doing over there, if you haven’t clicked on the photos in the sidebar before.