5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

I’ve been a slacker on this meme, having been tagged months ago by Katy, Grigor, and now Senia. So without further delay, here are five things you probably didn’t know about me, but maybe could have guessed.

  1. I like brightly-colored beverages. The more artificial-looking, the more I want to try it. This doesn’t apply to mixed drinks though…I don’t really like alcohol.

  2. I can’t hear lyrics in music, but I can hear orchestral music in my head. Sometimes I lie awake at night arranging music in my head, wondering if I’m really hearing it or if I’m just deluding myself. One of these days I’ll take some music lessons…the problem is that the musical instruction I’ve had has been based on rote memorization and acceptance that there’s just one way to do it right. As you can imagine, that makes me itch like crazy. I just ordered a “chord piano” course to see if this works; it’s all based on patterns, which is up my alley. I hope. My goal is to be able to play blues piano someday :-)

  3. I hate shellfish. Shrimp, lobster, crab…yuck! They’re bugs from the sea!!! Yet, I seem to end up living in places where seafood is plentiful. Maybe I should move to Texas.

  4. I have an uncanny ability to spot half-point misalignments in type from 10 paces. Yet I can not optically kern a line of text to save my life.

  5. I’m a hard-boiled romantic. I think that means that while I recognize that ethics and morality are often relative, and the world is kind of a tough place to exist, deep down I want things to be clear and people to feel comfortable being themselves without fear of being mocked. Whatever I can do to make that happen seems like the right thing to do. Maybe this last one is actually obvious from my writing, I’m too close to really see it. It’s something more that I feel, very deeply and intimately.


p>Since this is a meme, I’m going to tag the people who happened to leave a comment on my blog one year ago today. As soon as I figure out how to find out who those people are :-)

Don’t forget too, that Groundhog’s Day Resolutions are coming up! I’ll be posting mine tomorrow.