Slaying Dragons and Changing Careers

I somehow stumbled onto Laura Young’s The Dragon Slayer’s Guide to Life, a blog about finding the courage to make those difficult life changes. I’m in a shifting life change mode again, and I found myself particularly receptive to Laura’s story-based relating of her personal insights. There’s a nice post about discipline, an interesting story about metaphorically slaying dragons met in a hospital room, which itself is part of a 7-part series titled Adventures of an Unlikely Superhero. The dragon slaying story reminded me a bit of a post I wrote about a year ago, Thinking Negative in its structure (ghosts and demons that haunt me). And wow, has it only been a year since then? Time flies!

The predisposition to face difficult choices in the face of uncertainty apparently runs in Laura’s family. Her brother was a police officer writing about life behind the badge, and later laid down his badge just 8 years shy of retirement to get away from the pervasive negativity that infested his department. The story reminded me of some of my experiences, and seeing the same issues from someone else’s perspective is helping to clarify my own thinking. As with Laura’s writing, he tells instead of sells, letting the reader draw his/her own conclusions without giving up his own. It’s an approach that I try to follow myself here, so it’s no wonder that I’m enjoying it.