Resource Time Tracking Updates for 2007

Task Resource Tracking The Resource Time Tracker is a two-piece experimental form to help with future time allocation for multiple projects. The concept behind the RTT is to quantize tasks and time so you can use a “packing” metaphor, like arranging luggage in the trunk of a car.

  1. First you create a single project sheet that lists everything that needs to be done. There’s a twist, though: you have to estimate the size in a fixed size time block of 1, 2, or 4 hours. This is the equivalent of packing all your stuff into some bags.

  2. Next, you use one of the weekly sheets to choose which tasks need to get done by picking them off the project sheet. First you write them down in a deliverables list, marked D1-D7. Then, you fill in the block where the work on that deliverable will get done. The weekly sheet, in other words, is like the trunk of the car that you’re trying to wedge everything into.


p>Another design feature is that though you only have one weekly sheet, you can have multiple projects. Each project sheet keeps the project essentials in context, so it may be helpful if you are juggling multiple projects and have trouble (as I do) keeping everything in my head at the same time.

I find the system is a bit cumbersome to use in practice for the relatively few number of projects I have, but it sometimes in handy when I have a LOT of things coming up.

» Download 2007 RTT Weekly Sheet PCEO-RTT01-Standard.pdf

» Download 2007 RTT Project Sheet PCEO-RTT02-Standard.pdf

If you’re interested in reading more about the design rationale, here’s the original post.