Firefox’s BEYOND ANNOYING Find-as-you-Type Bug

Firefox’s BEYOND ANNOYING Find-as-you-Type Bug

Every once in a while, I dutifully upgrade Firefox to the next release. Then, I have to again figure out WHY THE @%! that the #&$@! FIND AS YOU TYPE @#!*?! FEATURE gets enabled when I type the ‘ (single quote) key. WHY LORD, WHY? It’s intermittent too. Fortunately, some light has been shed on this (mutter) issue at Adam Messinger’s blog, along with a suggested solution.


  1. Adam Messinger 18 years ago

    Thanks for the link, Dave. That post is consistently one of my most-visited, even almost a year after I first published it. You’d think they’d eventually fix the bug. I even posted a link to the blog entry on Bugzilla, and got the reply “that’s not a fix.”

    Excuse me, but if it fixes the problem for some people, doesn’t that make it a fix? It may not be the fix, but mightn’t this bug have more than one root cause?

    Sigh. It’s a pity for such a good piece of software to be burdened with such a small, but massively annoying, bug.


  2. Dave Seah 18 years ago

    It’s a very very strange thing to leave in. I’ve noticed the bug most often when I’m impatient to start typing. If I wait 10 seconds or so after loading the page, it seems that it happens less frequently. I wonder if it’s related slow-running javascript, or some other page loading event that delays the turning off of Find as you Type or press ’ to search.