Barcamp Manchester (NH, USA)

Barcamp Manchester (NH, USA)

This Saturday, November 18, is Barcamp Manchester. I was in the vicinity of a Barcamp in Austin last year, but wasn’t a participant. This will be my first time. If I can get a network connection, I’ll try liveblogging it.

Doors open at 10AM. We’re capping the attendees at 100. There’s a little over 100 people registered on the Wiki, we’re thinking we’ll see about 70% turnout from people who’ve put their name down. We’ll see how it goes.


Here’s the [flickr pool]pics tagged barcampmanchester.

The conference was a success! About 75 people showed out of the 100+ who’d signed up. We had enough food. I also discovered that (1) my hairline has eroded far beyond what I thought (2) it is time to hit the treadmill and (3) I hate interrupting speakers to remind them about time…next year I’m bringing kitchen timers.

I didn’t attend full sessions, though I caught bits of several and am feeling energized. Tired, but energized.