Productivity via Keanu Reeves

Productivity via Keanu Reeves

I had a MOST EXCELLENT insight about two movies featuring Keanu Reeves:

  • In Speed, the bus will explode if it drops below 50mph, and so it has to keep moving. This has some bearing on being focused in my day-to-day; I find I tend to lose focus when I get up and move to another part of the office or the house, because I’ll get drawn into something and then distracted. BOGUS! But I realized that if I made sure to keep my feet moving (literally!) I tended to not get stuck. The brilliant part: remembering to keep moving is much easier than remembering to keep focused. This is somewhat similar to the roomba productivity I was thinking about a few weeks ago.

  • In Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, one of their catch phrases is Be Excellent to Each Other and Party On, Dudes! I can’t help but think that ties into productivity somehow. For me, it captures the spirit of doing things for the right reasons.


  1. Mark 16 years ago

    Most excellent post, Dude! I did just lose 30 minutes reading fan sites devoted to the “Wyld Stallyns”, but I appreciate being reminded of the Zen of Ted. Thanks Dave! :)


  2. Alvin 16 years ago

    Cowabunga (oops…wrong series)! I find that’s the same way for my productivity too: as long as I kick-start and keep going, I can get into the zone and maintain working.

    But once I stop-start and get out, it’s much harder to get back in.


  3. Joan 16 years ago

    I don’t know if he is actually that productive in person(he did show up for costume fittings on time),but damn he’s cute.

  4. charlene 16 years ago

    Actually, in a way it does tie into a certain kind of productivity as per the news item I heard this morning that folks who socialize with co-workers tend to network more and therefore find themselves open to more opportunites.

    Try this from the LA Times:

  5. Dave Seah 16 years ago

    Mark: Heh, the “Zen of Ted”…perfect! I really need to get this movie on DVD. I think it may sum up my life philosophy more than I realized.

    Alvin: Yeah, that’s what I’ve found too. I had never tied PHYSICAL movement, though, to it. If I move my feet (maybe jog in place) and keep thinking “gotta keep moving! Can’t sit still!”, this seems to have an effect.  Of course right now I’m sitting and commenting on my blog, but it needs to be done sometime :-)

    Joan: Heh, how snug a fitting did you give him? :-)

    Charlene: That’s an interesting link! I don’t drink much myself. I imagine any social activity helps, which I suppose would include blogging in some way.

    Here’s an idea for a drinking game: everytime I post, take a drink!

  6. Jeff Benson 16 years ago

    Your post makes me think of meditation exercises, the upshot of which seems to be that focusing on breathing is a lot easier than focusing on nothing (even though the goal is to clear your mind and become more “conscious” . . .)  It’s easier to concentrate on something specific than to simply try to stave off distraction.  It ties back to “remembering to keep moving is much easier than remembering to keep focused” . . . very interesting point.

  7. Dave Seah 16 years ago

    Jeff: That’s an interesting connection…I should look into some of the meditation techniques. I do believe I should meditate for a few minutes.