Productivity via Keanu Reeves

I had a MOST EXCELLENT insight about two movies featuring Keanu Reeves:

  • In Speed, the bus will explode if it drops below 50mph, and so it has to keep moving. This has some bearing on being focused in my day-to-day; I find I tend to lose focus when I get up and move to another part of the office or the house, because I’ll get drawn into something and then distracted. BOGUS! But I realized that if I made sure to keep my feet moving (literally!) I tended to not get stuck. The brilliant part: remembering to keep moving is much easier than remembering to keep focused. This is somewhat similar to the roomba productivity I was thinking about a few weeks ago.

  • In Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, one of their catch phrases is Be Excellent to Each Other and Party On, Dudes! I can’t help but think that ties into productivity somehow. For me, it captures the spirit of doing things for the right reasons.