Cat Typing vs WordPress Publishing

I finally figured out the problem that several kind people had reported over the weekend about No Posts Found on The Printable CEO™ Series Page. I wasn’t able to reproduce it here at all…usually “empty pages” are the fault of (I think) WP-Cache getting a PHP timeout on my overburdened shared server, and a cache flush will usually clear that up. This seemed to work, but then I got another two reports, and I started getting suspicious.

This morning it occured to me that it might have been my recent update of Bad Behavior, or possibly there was some cookie-related issue with WP Cache (it uses the wordpress cookies as part of its page hash key). I nuked all the wordpress-related cookies and lo…No Posts Found! Crap! I tested this on my Mac also, logging out, and saw that YES INDEED, NO POSTS FOUND. So apparently I was able to reproduce it as a non-logged in user. Hmm.

I remembered a few nights ago that there was a MASSIVE flurry of activity by a very hungry cat (named Kat), as I was trying to get updates made to the website. Kat had jumped up on the desk and rammed his moist nose into my face, purring loudly and tapdancing on the keyboard. I might have made a wild click or two as I was spitting out hair and cat boogers, because the private flag had been set on that post. I just republished the article, and now it should be again visible to people.

Thanks everyone for the headsup! You guys rock :-)