Concrete Goals Tracker and Habit #3

The author of Daily PlanIt sent me a nice email about incorporating ideas from Stephen R Covey’s time management matrix and Julie Morgenstern’s Making Work Work book with the Concrete Goals Tracker.

I’m not familiar with Morgenstern’s writing (and it’s been a while since I’ve read Covey too), but the idea is pretty cool. If anyone is wondering how to adapt the CGT to their own use, you might find the My Ideal Time Management System post informative if you’re interested in working with Covey’s or Morgenstern’s system. It was good review for me just to look at that Time Management Matrix. It’s very matrix-y! Another thought that came to mind was that if I ever publish something, I don’t want it to look like another “productivity guru” book, with me wearing a tweedy consultant’s jacket. I want it to be for and by productivity enthusiasts.