Ian Smith’s JoesGoals.Com

Ian Smith’s JoesGoals.Com

Quick note: Ian Smith IM’d me yesterday with a link to a new goal tracking tool called Joe’s Goals. What struck me immediately was the way Ian laid out the goals calendar:

Visit Site It presents a week view, and you can easily add/remove multiple checkboxes very intuitively. What’s especially cool about this is that it’s easy to see where a goal has been accomplished, and where it isn’t; this triggers a completionist impulse in some people. You know, it’s like having to pop every last bubble in a piece of bubble-wrap. If you’re one of those people, you probably would get a kick out of this too.

There are positive and negative goals too. I haven’t yet created an account and tried the tool yet myself, but from the description it sounds like you can assign points of arbitrary value to any of the goals. This could be used as another approach to implementing a Printable CEO-style point tracker, if you want to try an alternative to Geoff Grosenbach’s PCEO-influenced Rough Underbelly task tracking system.

If I were to suggest one design tweak, it would be to also add a light tint to the background of a box when a goal has been checked, which might add to that feeling of completing a set. It may not be necessary for the negative goals (I’d personally want to reserve the completionist effect for the positive sense of accomplishment). Other than that, it looks pretty useful and cool as-is.

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  1. S. 18 years ago

    Cool!  I like the analogy to wanting to pop every piece of bubble wrap!